What To Pack First When Moving

What to Pack First When MovingMoving is an exciting time. You may be looking forward to your new location, but there is so much to do before you get there and settle in.

You have to plan the details carefully so that your move is successful, and one of the largest projects will be packing up your goods. If you’re like most individuals getting ready for a move, you may be wondering, which items should be packed first? Actually, the answer for that is easy — the non-essentials. You can get by without these items for a few days after you’ve moved to your new location. A key element is packing is to pack one room at a time so you can see your accomplishments.

Now, it’s best to get started early so that you have plenty of time to pack. A good rule of thumb is usually four weeks before the day of your move. To help you decide which items should be packed first, Easy Movers, your Charlotte moving company, recommends using these four tips as guidance:

#1 Tackling Bookshelves And Walls

If you’re like most people, you’ll have more knick knacks on your shelves than books. Typically, these are all non-essential items. Start packing your figurines, books, children’s art, trophies and plaques and souvenirs from trips you’ve taken into various small and medium sized boxes.

Be sure to thoroughly wrap any fragile items that you have with unprinted newsprint, and also make sure that you don’t try to pack too many books or other heavy items into large boxes. If you have to carry anything that weighs more than 25 pounds, it is going to become burdensome. In fact, you may lose these type of items out the bottom of the box if it has more weight than it can handle.

While wall decorations make your home more pleasing to the eye, they are not essential items. This includes framed photos, artwork that you love and even clocks. Place these items in picture frame boxes so they stay safe during your move.

#2 Packing Up The Kitchen

Packing Kitchen for MovingEven if you are a foodie who loves to cook extravagant meals, you probably won’t require all of the items that are located in your kitchen once you are in your new apartment, condo or house. It is suggested that you pack away these type of items:

  • Extra pans and pots
  • Baking sheets
  • Fine china
  • Any extra plates, cups, silverware or bowls
  • Your knick knack items that everyone has in their kitchen

Items like lemon squeezers, garlic presses, can openers and vegetable choppers can be packed away first as you really don’t need them until later. You’ll have to make the decision if you are going to use paper plates and cups during the last week in your old residence and first few days in your new place. If you decide to do this, you can pack away all of your bowls, plates and cups.

Also, it’s important to use a good amount of packing paper or newspaper when you pack delicate items such as porcelain dishes or fine china. You definitely don’t want to end up with any cracked or broken items. It is essential to pack fragile items in dish packs.  These are double walled corrugated boxes that won’t crush when stacked.  Use box cell dividers for stemware and wine glasses. Place another layer of balled news print at the top of the box for cushioning as well and tape sealed and shut. Easy Movers can provide you with all of your moving supplies.

#3 Emptying Out Your Closets

Organize Clothes After MovingEmptying your bedroom closet will probably take some time. You have got to pack away purses, shoes, shirts, hats and items of clothing that you probably think you’ll be wearing in the future, but probably won’t! Fortunately, this is a great time when you can decide which items you want to keep, sell or donate to charity. If you’ve got any hall closets that are full of clothing or nonessential items, you’ll need to make a decision about those as well. Pack bedroom items like these in medium or large boxes and comforters and pillows in extra-large boxes.  Pack suits and other hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes so you won’t need to send them to the cleaners after the move.

Blankets, towels and sheets should all be packed away, but you’ll want to make sure that you leave out a few cleaning supplies and your vacuum cleaner so that you can clean your place before you move out — especially if you are in an apartment and you plan on getting your rental deposit back.

#4 Handling The Packing Of Garage & Attic Items

Pack Attic for MovingIt’s not surprising that the garage is often forgotten about when packing for moving day. It’s not inside the main part of your home, and you may not use most of the items that are located in there for most of the year. These items might include spare car tires, holiday decorations and tools. If you know that you are not going to be using any of these things, pack them away for your new location.

However, it may be wise to keep some of your common tools set aside such as a screwdriver, hammer or utility knife as you will probably need them. Again, this is another excellent time to choose which items you want to toss or donate. It’s a lot easier to pack up things when you have less of them!

Getting Help

Of course, packing is a whole lot easier if you get some help. You may want to use the professional services provided by Easy Movers, your local charlotte moving company,  so that you don’t have to stress about packing up all of these goods. Easy Movers can provide packing services the days before the move, same day packing and unpacking services after the move into your new home.  Ask your onsite move surveyor for more details about what and how to pack.

Contact Easy Movers today, and we will be happy to answer any questions or provide you with the moving services that you need.