Tips for Unpacking After Your Move

Anyone who’s ever moved from one home or apartment to another, knows that moving is a process with several steps. First, you work your way through each room in your home packing items in boxes. When the big day arrives, a moving truck pulls into your driveway and movers load your boxes, furniture and other items onto the truck. After arriving at your new home, the movers unload the furniture and boxes putting them in the rooms where they belong. As the moving truck pulls out of the driveway, you plop down in a chair and look at the sea of loaded boxes all around you. How do you finish the last lap of the moving process without losing steam? The experts at your local Charlotte moving company have some tips to help you unpack in an efficient way.

Give Yourself Incentive to Unpack

You may know a family or two who has lived in a home for years and still hasn’t completely unpacked from their move. Maybe they have a collection of unpacked boxes residing in various closets around their place. Don’t fall into that trap! Instead, give yourself a deadline for unpacking each room. Also, reward yourself if you finish by your deadline. Think about the things you enjoy. Maybe there is a movie coming out in three weeks that you’re looking forward to. Make that movie your incentive for unpacking all of the boxes in a bedroom or your office. Other ideas for rewards include a massage, a trip to an amusement park, a play or concert. Setting a deadline and adding an incentive to it gives you a solid timeline in your mind.

Prioritize Your Unpacking

An easy way to start the unpacking work is to select boxes containing essential items. You will need things like work clothing, shoes, toiletries and cooking utensils right away as you start your daily life in your new home. Unpacking boxes with important items right away gives you more space to move around in your home. Also, it helps you to avoid tearing open boxes to search for items you need right away. If you hired our Easy Movers to help you pack, then these important boxes are already marked with a room name making it very easy to find the ones to unpack first.

Unpacking After a Move

Put Your Accomplishments on Display

As you work to fulfill your goals and unpack the boxes in each room in your home, stack the empty, broken down boxes in one corner. So, every time you feel weary in your unpacking work, you can look over in the corner to see the physical evidence that you are making progress! When the stack gets too high, take your boxes out to the garage and start building a new pile.

Make Unpacking Enjoyable

There’s no law that says you have to be bored as you unpack the boxes in the rooms of your new home. So, incorporate some entertainment into the work. Set up a DVD player in the room and put on a favorite movie to look at as you unpack, sort and organize. Or, turn on a favorite CD or tune in a radio program you like. Also, be sure to have some snacks available to munch on as you work. Put a cooler in the room with chips, crackers, juice or soda so you can dig up a snack whenever you feel a craving.

Organize Clothes After Moving

Organize as You Unpack

Moving into a new home means you have a clean slate to work with as far as organization goes. So, as you unpack, put items exactly where you want them. For instance, as you unpack the boxes in your bathroom, you can use dividers in your drawer of makeup items to separate your mascara, eye shadows, blush and lipsticks. This careful unpacking makes it convenient for you to see all of the makeup items you have and find what you need right away. The same careful unpacking can be used for closets. Take the lead from your favorite home organization television show and arrange your clothes by season, color or even fabric. Use the opportunity you have while unpacking your boxes to organize your home in exactly the way you like it.

If you decide you’d like some assistance with this last part of the moving process, our Charlotte moving company, Easy Movers, has what you need. Our experienced, reliable Charlotte movers can unpack your whole home in just one day. Our team is efficient and handles your items with care. Do you want to cross this task off your list? If so, please contact our offices today and get a quote.

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