Things to Consider Leaving Behind When You Move

Things to Consider Leaving Behind When You MoveMoving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you go through your belongings and realize all you have to pack up. Because it’s so time consuming, many end up taking with the knickknacks and junk they no longer need or use. Before you begin the moving process, you want to assess your belongings and devise a plan for packing. The following are some handy tips that will make the job easy and stress-free.

Make Time to Declutter Your Home

If you’re planning a move, this is the opportune time to spring clean your home or office. Since you have to go through your home, there’s no better time to declutter. Start the process early on, so you have enough time to go through each room and closet. If you find items of value, schedule a weekend to have an estate sale, where you can make money off the items no longer in use. You can also donate unwanted clothes, bedding, furniture and household products to a charitable organization. Get a receipt, so you can deduct the donated goods at tax time.

Devise a Packing Plan 

Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, Easy Movers, your Charlotte moving company, can alleviate the stress and worry that comes with your transport. To help simplify the process, you’ll want to consider the items you want to move and those you can get rid of. But how can you simplify the process? There are four important factors that can assist you. The categories include:

  • items that don’t work for our anymore
  • clothing that doesn’t fit
  • junk you’ve had too long and never use
  • appliances or furniture you won’t be using

Don’t Overlook Pieces that are Broken and in Disrepair 

Even though you have items that are broken and in disrepair, you may want to bring them with you. When going through your belongings, toss things that are beyond repair such as broken electric can opener, mixer or T.V. Other items such as a table, chairs, desks, cabinets in disrepair could be repurposed.

Master Closet Organization 

Closet organization allows you to find clothes easily and pair them expertly. Before you move your apparel into your new dwelling, go through the pieces carefully. If you haven’t worn them within the last year or they no longer fit, it’s time to ditch the item. Once you’ve separated the piles into the keep and give away, pack up the no longer used clothing and donate to a charity.

Consider an Upgrade 

Although your Charlotte Moving company will be able to handle bulky items such as appliances and furniture during your move, they can take up a lot of space. Determine if you’ll need the larger furniture pieces in your home or apartment. You also want to ensure that they match with the other the décor. If you have the money in your budget, it may be worth it to upgrade to newer appliances and furnishings.

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Part with Small Knickknacks 

It’s amazing the number of knickknacks a person can collect over time. As you’re going through your home or business before your move, focus on items that hold absolutely zero sentimental value. If you no longer care about them and they’ve cluttered up your desk, dresser or cabinets for far too long, it’s time to leave them behind.

Transport Valuables Carefully 

You may have important items that you’ll be packing during your move that are fragile. To ensure that they make it in one piece without damage, you want to keep them away from your larger furnishings. If you come across liquids, you may want t consider moving these in your car.

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