7 Ways to Reuse Moving Boxes

Used Moving BoxesYou may find it easy to get rid of your moving boxes when you are done with them, especially if you live in a neighborhood that has curbside recycling. While it may be a little more labor intensive, it is also well worth the effort. But if you are among the population who doesn’t have this type of service in your area, read on for seven easy ways to get rid of boxes without throwing them out and cluttering the local landfill.

1. Sell Your Moving Boxes

You may be able to sell your boxes for cash, depending on the city you live in. Talk to local moving companies to find out if this option is best for you. If you reside in the United States, you can list and sell your old boxes on BoxCycle. This company does a lot of the work for you. Buyers will contact you and set-up a time to pick them up from you that works for you both. Just remember, the company does charge a small fee on the sales you make. However, you can list the boxes with no upfront cost.

2. Recycle the Moving Boxes

You’ll find that one of the most popular options is to drop off old boxes at your local recycling center. What could be better than giving boxes away to someone in need? If you need the space, break them down before putting them in your vehicle.

If you find that your boxes are empty when your move is finished, you can ask your movers to drop them off for you. They may also recycle the boxes at their own company. We are proud to say that we recycle boxes at Easy Movers! If this is the way you wish to proceed with, just talk to your movers before they leave your home. This is a great choice for the environment, as well as a way to quickly declutter your new home! It’s a pleasant experience to unpack while the movers are unloading and have them haul away the used boxes and paper, and best of all there is no unpacking after the movers leave.  Depending on the volume of boxes there may be a small extra charge.

Things to Consider Leaving Behind When You Move3. Donate Them to a Local Charity

Charities, especially food banks, often deliver food and supplies around town. They can always use good, sturdy boxes to deliver their goods in. Just make sure that your boxes are still in good condition before you drop them off. This is a great way to make sure your boxes are put to good use and not thrown out!

4. Give Them Away

It’s usually pretty easy to find someone who can use boxes. Ask your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors if they could use any of your old boxes. You can also post on apps such as NextDoor, which will connect you to neighbors who may have a use for them. You may also wish to post them for free on Facebook Marketplace. We bet someone will come out to you and snatch them up!

5. Use Them for Storage

You may find that your boxes actually make wonderful organizers when you need long-term storage, especially after you have everything unpacked. You’ve put everything in the right place, but you still have a bunch of stuff that gets put aside, so use these boxes to do so. Label every box clearly so that you know what is in each one. This will help you conserve space while keeping your belongings safe. If you go to move again and those items are still in the boxes, maybe it is time to donate or sell them.

6. Compost the Boxes

Many people use old boxes as a self-recycling compost bin. You could also check with your community leaders to see if they could use cardboard boxes for any local projects. They could end up being a new home for spring flowers and vegetables.

7. Save Them for DIY Projects or for Play

Do you have kids? Children always love using boxes for play and fantasy. They can become their latest sled, playhouse, or pet bed. A flattened cardboard box is also perfect for DIY projects. For example, set one out in the garage and use it to paint on. You won’t get paint all over your floor while you focus on your project.