Moving Apps to Ensure a Smooth Move

Moving Apps for a Smooth Move

You have all the common apps already installed. Everything from social media, video, alarms, appointment calendars, as well as many others. There are apps that have been developed that help you plan and stay organized during every phase of moving. With us being your Charlotte moving company, we recommend these apps to help you with a move that is stress free and even fun.

Searching For a Home

The first thing in planning your move is finding where your new home will be. With the technology we have today, all you have to do is enter the zip code of the area you want to search. These apps will show you the inside and out of the house.

Our Recommended Apps


This is probably the best app for viewing houses currently on the market. You can see pictures and videos of different areas of the house, both interior and exterior. The app also shows pricing, details of the house condition, the type of neighborhood, as well as when it was built. Zillow is great for finding homes for sale or rent.

Searching for an apartment is much easier using their app. You are able to sort listings by price, location, and condition. You can check availability in real time and see up to date photos. A tip by our pros is to take a screenshot of the listing showing the price. Sometimes rates will increase and having a record of the ad price might get you the lower rate.

Pack Like A Pro

Packing is not throwing all your stuff into random boxes. You will need a way to keep track of what boxes your belongings are in. The movers will need to know where to place the boxes. You do not want to rummage through boxes to find the items you need right away.

The Apps We Recommend


The visual inventory list is one of the best features on this app. No longer will you have to write the contents of everything and put a label on each box. Instead you will take pictures of everything while you pack, add them to an inventory list, then print a QR code that you stick to individual boxes. Once you start unpacking in your new home, you will know where everything is by scanning the QR code.


Knowing how you want your furniture and floor plan is made easy with the MagicPlan app. This is an awesome tool to use if you are moving to a smaller place and need to see how your furniture and floor plan will look. Once you have everything the way you like it, all you have to do is put a label on things so the movers know where to place your furniture.

Reducing Clutter

One of the things that happen when preparing for a move is coming across clutter and unused items, or even things never unpacked from a previous move. A great time for getting rid of unused items is before you move. This will save packing and unpacking of clutter that is never used. Have an online sale and make some money on items you no longer use. Easy Movers offers storage and can assist with staging household items in one of two of our warehouses in Pineville and Charlotte.  When you are ready for the items in your new home we will bring it back and place it in the rooms where you want it.

The Apps We Recommend


This is the app to use to let things go quickly. If you want to get rid of some old clothes or furniture, this site moves cheap and free items fast. Just create an account and start listing your items.


For something that feels a little more secure, this is the app to go with. It is linked to your Facebook account so you will mostly be dealing with local people. After you join a community, you can start to list the items you have for sale. Since most dealings here are local, items that have been sold can be picked up at a prearranged place.

Getting Settled

You have picked your new place, prepared everything for the upcoming move, and have all your possessions in your new house. Now it’s time to start thinking about personalizing your new space to make it unique to you or getting to know the neighbors.

Home AdvisorHomeAdvisor

This is a great app to have to find help with the finishing touches of settling in. You can find quality businesses that can replace carpets, repainting, fix water leaks, or even a makeover of your new yard.


Being in a new location and environment can be a little daunting. You don’t know the neighbors or activities of the neighborhood. With the NextDoor app, getting to know your new neighbors is a lot easier. You will be able to find advice on local home service vendors, join neighborhood forums, keep up with local events, and even ask about ways of remaining safe in this neighborhood. Staying in contact with your residential movers especially through “Live Chat” will let you enjoy a stress free move from beginning to end.

Our life has been embedded with new technology in almost everything, so taking advantage of all the new tech when moving should be an easy decision to make. If you take advantage of these apps with your next move, we promise it will be the easiest move you have ever made.