How to Avoid Rogue Moving Companies

The local moving company that you choose can make the difference between a successful moving journey and an utter nightmare. We hear the horror stories that come from customers who tried other Charlotte movers before they came to us. We’ve heard of some pretty rogue companies over the years. We wanted to help you make your decisions by putting together a list of things to look out for when you’re searching for a mover that you can trust. If you note one or more of these unusual things about a moving company you’re considering hiring, you may want to reconsider.

The Price Is Amazingly Low

The first thing you’ll notice about a scam is that the price of the service seems “too good to be true.” When something seems as if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.
If you see a neon sign that says the pricing is 30 to 50 percent off, you can probably count on having someone nickel and dime you into paying much more money once you get in the door. You may get lucky and not experience that. However, you may experience something called poor quality instead. Scam companies sometimes pay people next to nothing to work for them, or they operate with second-rate equipment. Sometimes, they’ll even skip getting proper licensing, which is illegal. Don’t believe the hype, if you hear that you’re going to get moving services for an outrageously low price. The chances are high that they will try to make you pay your discount back tenfold.

Generic Moving CompanyThere’s No Identifying Information

Moving companies are supposed to identify themselves with a company logo and a name, especially on their moving vehicles. It’s just something that they have to do to operate with integrity. What happens sometimes, however, is that rogue moving companies in Charlotte will not say their name when you call them. You may also notice that such a company has no logo or name on their license. If you notice something like that, stop immediately because the chances are high that you are dealing with a scam.

The Website Is Bare

You’ll notice that a reputable Charlotte moving company will be transparent on the phone, in person and on the website. The website will contain information about the history of the company, the types of moving services it offers, consumer reviews and sometimes it will even have pricing on there. That’s true transparency, which is something that scam companies do not have or comprehend. You’ll probably come across a bare website that only has a PO box for an address. Additionally, you’ll probably see some generic photos that the webmaster may have purchased of photos of moving people who have never been to that location in the photo or even work for the company. If you notice any of those things, run and don’t think twice about using this company.

We're a Charlotte Moving Company with Positive ReviewsTons of Negative Feedback

Every business is subject to getting negative feedback from time to time, but if you start to see repetitive similar complaints followed up by 10 or 20 generic five-star feedback comments, you may want to steer clear of such a company. Usually, when you see a comment about a business cheating someone out of money, it’s true, especially if you see it time and time again. Generic five-start comments aren’t usually real when they follow a scam complaint. Check out our rating with the Charlotte BBB.

There Is No Contract

Finally, a legitimate moving company always has a contract. The contract states all aspects of the move such as the time, pricing, date and other details. If the company that you’re thinking about going with doesn’t want to give you a contract, then perhaps you should avoid dealing with them altogether.

Now you know some of the things to look out for and the qualities not to seek in a Charlotte moving company. Don’t hesitate to contact Easy Movers if you have any inquiries or concerns.